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Potions Class


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doctor who
game of thrones


A Lannister always has bomb ass hips.


TLDW: Game Of Thrones 4x03


Why do they call you Littlefinger?

“We do not come for your signature.  Nor do we mean to bandy words with you, Littlefinger.”

“What a pity.  I do so love a nicely bandied word.” (x)

Ros: why don’t you join us, my lord?
Petyr: i’m saving myself for another
Ros: What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her
Petyr: A stupid saying. What we don’t know is usually what get us killed.


Littlefinger’s Costumes.
(He sure knows how to mix and match them well.)

HI, I am Kelsey. I obsess over many things like Doctor Who and Supernatural.I am big in the SUPERWHOLOCK fandom, all over it buddy. Harry Potter yo. Severus Snape and Misha Collins are my spirit animals.

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